Need Trail Bike to Learn On Before TAT

I have no real riding experience but want to do the western section of the Trans-America Trail in a couple of years with my wife. I'm really a mountain biker, but this looks awesome!

I'm looking for a trail bike to learn on now and then get something like a XR/KLR 650 to do the TAT trip with. What bike do you recommend for an absolute beginner?

1 - I have a lot of mountain bike experience, but only a little dirt bike/quad experience riding around farms.

2 - I want a bike that a) isn't going to teach me bad habits, :smirk: is good for woods/trail riding, c) will teach me maintenance and repair, and d) will prep me to ride a bigger bike like a 650 for the trip.

3 - I'm 6'1" and 225 pounds.

4 - It doesn't need to be plated.

5 - I'm going to buy used and would like to do it on the cheap (under $2k or $2500 if possible).

Thanks in advance. I've already learned a bunch and bought my wife a TTR-125 for Valentine's day to run around the property!


Xr250 or xr400

Xr 400 would be a great choice


CRF230F. That's a trail bike you can start out on easy.

KDX200. Light, easy to ride, and very dependable.

The XL and reliable trail bikes.

With 2000 to 2500 you can get a nice used Xr 250 or 400. I really the Xr bikes. They are fun to ride and basically indestructible! The klx bikes are nice too but I don't have as much experience with them. Now if you want a 2 stroke then the kdx is definitely the right bike unless you want to spend more money on a ktm. Good luck and be safe out there!

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