What Bike?

I just sold my ttr 250 which i rode for about 3 years,and now i want something with power.I only ride woods and open fields and i cant decide between 250 2t and 450.Ive rode a few of my mates 450s but never rode 250 2t.So what would you guys recommend?

I'm 23,6'1 ft and 210 lb

ive been wanting the a crf450r the 2006 model. the crf450r has some big powerive rode a kx450f dirtbike and it rips you can find cheap crf450rs on craigslist or were ever you live.

if your on a budget and want to have easy maintenance, get the 2t

if your not worried about price, then go for the 450 but don't rule out the 250, it will be more fun

The power delivery is going to be alot different. A 450 4t is going to be smother and you get better traction. A 250 2t is going to have snappy power but with more wheel spin. I love my 250 2t. I can keep up with my buddies 450s easily and smoke them in the trails. But most of it is just rider skills. (Once I bore mine out to a 300 there will be no chance for them haha) I also think 2t are more fun to ride but that's just my opinion, 4t are a blast to ride too. If I where you I would try and find somebody that has a 250 2t and test it out to see what you like better. Good luck and be safe!

I own a 450x but the funnest bike I have ever ridden is the ktm 300 xcw(2 stroke) For your size and weight, I would go with either one of these. I would imagine that the 250xcw is pretty cool too, but i've never gotten the chance to ride one. I got a great deal on my 09 450x though so I couldnt pass it up. Its got almost 500 miles and is still brand new. (no valve issues etc)


Keep in mind that any of the bikes mentioned above, 450 4t, 250/300 2t will be a huge step up in power over the TTR. The TTR series is about as mild mannered as they come, I rode a buddys last weekend...heavy and underpowered. You will shed weight and gain ALOT of power with any bike mentioned. I agree that you should ride a few bikes before making a decision....it helps to have friends that ride.

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