Scott's sub mount and bark busters worked out

I've been trying to figure out exactly how to best setup my bike with a Scott's sub mount damper and bark busters.

My main concern has been whether to go to a pinch bolt, or top clamp mount instead of bar end mount to ensure the bark busters wouldn't rotate upon impact and rip out all my cables, or in general be a PITA to deal with.

Cycra (and others) makes an aluminum threaded bar end insert that is threaded in. You have to tap the bar ends and turn in the threaded insert.

Those sounded good, kind of, for the most part, but I looked at them up close and personal and decided against them.

I did find someone who offers a threaded bar insert that is beefy, made from stainless bar stock that won't budge. This, with U-clamps and Cycra ProBends mounted up will not rotate.

The local fellow who makes the bar end kit has a display set up in his shop, with Cycra ProBends mounted to a set of ProTaper bars using the stainless threaded insert bar ends.

The bar ends tap with a right hand thread, and tighten with a right hand thread, so any force from impact will only make the connection tighter. His kit uses grade 8 bolts and he (blue) Loctites everything in place.

The display in his shop is mounted so that you can stand on the bark busters and jump up and down on them. He offers a guarantee if you cause them to rotate, day one, or day 1000, he will refund every penny of your purchase price. Evidently, four years in, he hasn't had to refund one dime.

This alleviates the issue of triple clamp mount bark busters, which can be a chore to get mounted without dumping additional $$$ for Bonz mounts or a pinch bolt Cycra mount, that is (from what I read) less than rock solid strong.

Cycra Probends were $35 less than online pricing, bar ends were $19.95, tap the bar ends and install for the bark busters and the sub mount stabilizer kit is going to run $45 OTD. The stabilizer was $32 cheaper than the best price I could find online with coupons or discounts.

I saw three other bikes in the service dept with an identical setup. The install is clean as a whistle, allows the use of a bar pad and the two people there to pick up their bikes from service both claimed the Probends mounted this way have been 110% rock solid. One Honda CRF450 and one KTM SX rider.

I'll post some pics soon as the stabilizer gets in and mounted to give you a better idea of how it looks and what's involved.

Almost there :smirk:

Do you have the phone number of the shop that make the steel threaded inserts?

Yes pics please!! Does he have a website? If he doesn't tell him he should

I need some of those

one of mine came loose this weekend, you loose a dramatic amount of time fixing them

He doesn't internet.

He does e-mail and all that, but no website and no plans to do one.

He's covered up with work and riding, so he thinks internet business would overload him to the point where he couldn't handle things with the same attention to service.

I'll see if I can get any info on the bar ends and if he'll sell them other than local.

If so, I'll post it

How about some pix and a phone number? Mailing address?

I would be interested in one of those setups as well, maybe ask him about a group order for us.

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