'06 balancer lockwasher/ '06 YZ450F parts fiche.doc

I have come to notice that the '06 model year YZ450F has a unique part # for one of its balancer shaft lockwashers (90215-10284-00). The part # for all of the other years is different (90215-10009-00). The balance "weight 2" has different part #'s, as well (2S2-11464-00-00 & 2S2-11464-10-00). The balance weight and gear numbers on the other side of the crank are the same for all years.

The reason that I've noticed these things is that or my current rebuild, I just got a lock washer, in genuine Yamaha packaging with the '06 part #, which is differently shaped from the OEM washer that I'm replacing (in a heavier kind of weigh).

Especially considering that the adjoining "weight 2" has been changed with the lockwasher, and figuring how sensitive the engine might be to the minute weight difference between the old and new washers- I have to wonder, should I: (1) shave some material off of my new lockwasher so that it looks physically similar to my old one, (2)shave some weight of my "weight 2", figuring that I am only going to get this new shaped washer in the future, or (3) do nothing about all of this? I'm thinking that I'll recreate the OEM lockwasher to be safe- pass me the deremel.

Gray, et al, do I need to worry about this?

On a different subject, does any one need or want a Word document file with all of the parts fiche pictures, part #'s, and discounted prices (28% off, I think). I'm happy to share the one that I created when I needed to be able to cross reference a part # with its application. If so let me know how best to get a copy to you.


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Any weight differences in the lock washer would be inconsequential owing to the relatively small diameter of the piece. There's no need to modify it.

Don't randomly change the weight of the balancer weights, either, unless you feel like conducting experiments like the one below:


As far as the Word doc, there are any number of online parts fiches, including TT OEM, that will have the current discount prices on them at any moment in time, whereas those you have listed are only good for the moment.

Thanks for the reply, Gray. I forget that most people have easy access to the internet and its online resources, something that I only recently re-acquired- I needed acopy of the fiche for use offline. And boy, do I remember that experiment, still!

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