Scaphiod Removal

I am a 40 year old with numerous wrist fractures over the years. About 18 month ago I fractured the tip of my radius and it has played up since.

Went to my surgeon today and after viewing my X-ray he wants to remove my scaphiod bone and partially fuse my wrist!? I get occasional pain (getting worse) and the joint seems unstable, hurts badly after road cycling occasionally after moto.

This is the finding from the X-ray

"There is modelling deformity of the distal left radius and ulnar styloid process in keeping with old, healed fractures, with a residual non-united rounded fragment adjacent the ulnar styloid process. there is early degenerative change/joint space narrowing at the DRUJ.

There is also abnormal widening of the scapho-lunate joint space, indicating previous ligamentous damage. The radiocarpal joint space is narrowed suggesting early cartilage loss. The lunate bone is rotated dorsally. The lateral view shows a rounded ossicle at the posterior aspect of the carpus."

He says that there is a Ligament tear between the scaphoid bone and lunate bone in the wrist and because it is a old injury cant be repaired.


Not very clear xray here

Most people who have the partial wrist fusion end up having a total wrist fusion. I guess the partial wrist fusion helps you come to the ultimate realization that the whole wrist needs to be fused, which is what I would do in the case.

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