WR plastics ? Non endorsement graphics ?

Any of you able to recommend a mfr for WR250F plastics/graphics ?

I like the idea of the Cycra power shrouds, but they don't make a set for a WR250F.

I've read several threads from search hits here at TT and every mfr seems to either be incredibly nice, or crap, depending upon who posted a response to similar questions.

I want something that fits, decent cost (less than OEM) and graphics that are kind of plain. No MX wicked rad color schemes, I don't want Metal Mulisha type graphics and really don't care to use a set that implies sponsorship.

First, because I'm too lousy of a rider for anyone to sponsor me, but me. Second, I don't care to use my bike as an advertising platform for some product I will probably never use. Third, I think the multi color schemes, product endorsements are fine for some folks, just not my personal preference.

Anyone know of an option here ?

OEM looks fine, but damn they are high priced and I need a set to trash in the woods

Try decalmx.com. Their plastics are reasonable, and you can design your own graphics. They do quality work, and turnaround time is very good!

I got some Factory FX graphics off eBay for a good price. Only logo is theirs and its pretty small. Graphics color schemes are not not overly crazy, too.

I like these as well. I would have picked a different font for the WR-F tho.

Yeah me too also make it a little smaller too

Thanks Swede !!

Your search Fu is strong my friend.

I got on the phone with decalmx today and the possibilities are endless.

Setup charges are prohibitive for one customized set, but, I put out the word and my buds are all getting onboard with the idea.

We might split the setup cost and have our own personalized version of a template they already have, or create an entirely new template.

I'm waiting on some numbers for the cost of acquiring the template.

I can have it customized big time as I know a wench who is bang up with graphics as she does it for a living and she owes me a favor or two.

Unless the template is just crazy high priced, I'm going to get something that looks real nice for a WR.

I don't know what a minimum run is once you customize a full template, but everyone I mentioned the concept to so far has at least initially been interested in seeing what we come up with.

I figure I might be able to sell a set or two to friends and keep a spare for me.

I don't know if this will offset the cost of a template, but, if it comes close, we'll probably do it.

If not, the FLU designs is how I'm going to go.

I agree, a different font would probably look better, but it'll do for a set to trash in the woods :smirk:

Hey LoneStarKTM, I am not 100% sure but I think the FLU Designs the decal that goes on the rear fender has some company advertising. I have an earlier version of the TS1 for a 2004 YZ250F and it has some. The airbox decal too. Nothing crazy though it is not in your face advertisement.

I might be interested in some of your custom graphics. Post up a pic and price if you can. Maybe others would be interested too. Oh wait, graphics for your bike won't fit mine. Oh well, post them anyways!

These guys have some pretty good "stock looking" graphics... That is, they look like something Yamaha could have designed. Quite a few choices of designs. You can get a complete kit or just the shroud/tank graphics.


Not affiliated with them in any way, just a potential customer myself. Have heard good things about the quality of the product and will probably order a set from them to check it out.

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