Sold my 01wr250 bought a 01 xr650 First impression

The only good thing about the 250 was wieght, power was weak, in tecnical sections it was very deflective even with suspension set up close to perfect, To get the bike moving you had to scream the engine, The 650r is awesome it tracks exceptionally well, out of turns it explodes much sooner and can put the power to the ground. The wieght and ernertia plants the bike on the natural surrondings and sticks. This bike is awesome makes great useable power, when going straight and then 90 degrre turn up very steep off camber lean the bike chop the throttle the front end lofts and then tractors up hills with ease the 250 took alot of body english and careful finesse. Im excited about the sport of riding pigs couldnt be happier. Thanks to all who helped me with this decision, :)

Cool man! Glad you like it! Keep the valves adjusted "as close as possible" at the intervals. Believe it or not, it makes a difference in the snappy nature of the engine. When they get loose, the engine won't be as snappy, mainly due to very slightly delayed valve opening if they are too loosely set. It makes a difference so stay on top of it. But too tight is bad news, it has to be perfect!

Good luck with your XR! I've been riding my hard now for almost two solid years, and over 4500 miles, and it never breaks down. :)


I second what smashinz said about valve adjustment. I had one slightly loose exhaust valve. You can tell this by the chatter noise it makes. It was within the acceptable range of adjustment but on the extreme high end. So,I adjusted the valve to the middle of range and the "snappy response" improvement was very noticable. The chatter disappeared and the BRP was sounding sweet again.

I checked all the other valves and they were fine. Adjusting just one exhaust valve made a this improvement.

Thanks guys I will keep an eye out and check them!

just wait until things get wet and then they are a handful and then some 300lbs!

I loved my 600, but the weight on the front end sucked in the wet stuff. I went back to a 2 stroke MX/enduro bike.

Sorry Matt, but in these parts (Colorado) we pray for rain! With a good enduro jacket and a nice steady rain you get traction and fewer trail plugs (ATVs) to get in the way. Riding in the rain in the Colorado mountains is the best, if you have the gear to stay warm and dry (enough).

I disagree.... The weight of the PIG is not a factor in the mud and muck. Sit back on the seat and keep on the power so the front end stays light, the pig will track nice and straight through the worst rutted mud holes you can bring. Other than jumping the bike I just don't understand why everyone is so hung up on the weight.

I raced the XR600 in the mid 80's and have ridden many threw the year in many different forms, I have a 03' XR650R now and the two bikes are not a like. The XR650R BRP handles much better and lets you put it's weight where you need it a lot easer. I can do things on my BRP now that I only wished I could do on the XR6 back when I was younger and a better rider. I have riden six different WR250F's and was very disapointed with them in the stock version but, un-corcked with the timing advanced and right exhuast it is a good bike for a young agressive rider.

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