Need advice for my suspension

I have a 2011 yz450 i am a harescrable ridder, in the top of the B class. I need help consernicng what my compression and rebound should be around. I have them all set in the middle because stock i though was a little stiff i thought. Maily was just wondering what others on this bike had there setings at.

As delivered, they adjusters probably were already much in the middle. For tight, lower speed, rocky, technical stuff, try the rebound at around 12-14 out, and compression anywhere from 18 to all the way open.

In the rear, keep the rebound a little tighter, as the stock shock lacks a bit in initial response, say about 8-10 out. back the low speed comp out to around 12-15 and the HS comp to around 2 turns out. Start there and adjust to suit.

Be sure the spring rates are right for your weight. Ultimately, you might consider a revalve.

I'll give that a try, ya i will be getting it revalved but that wont be for a month or so.

Consider having SMART Performance do both ends over for you. If you think you're pretty good with your hands, you can even get the job as a DIY kit.

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