need a bit more power

i have a 2010 yz250f and was wondering what would be the best mods to get a bit more power. thanks

There was already a thread for this. Type in best mod for yz250f.

Rider mod.

I thought the same thing when I got my 2010. Like the bottom end power but the top does lack. I just went with a 48 rear sprocket at it has made a good difference. Can hold gears little longer. Try that first before you go blow $600+ on a exhaust which takes away the bottom end power.


It's a long list...all down to $$$$$

What dgcars above me said it's all about money. William1 would say that the bike has more power than you can handle it's all about you learning how to handle it and having the suspension set up properly so that power gets to the ground when you want it to

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