Sumo Brakes clutch kits (for going pro)

its a little late now to ask, but I just got a kit off ebay for my 2 stroke for $70 bucks. I was wondering if anyone has used their clutches or products in general (brakes, rotors,sprockets, gaskets,etc) and what did you think?


Sumo Brakes

The ultimate New Clutch rebuilt Kit includes:

Complete Sumo Stack Height Controlled set of Anti-Swell friction plates using long lasting pin planished steel separator plates for better lube distribution using unique alloy article impregnated clutch facings that wear longer and resists burning plus ...

Pin planished steel driven plates that spread the oil around the clutch better & prevent clutch burn-up ... then even more ...

15% uprated heavy duty clutch springs to clamp those plates together firm and storng for the life of your clutch.

High Performance Clutch Kit Caracteristics:

* * Maximum Clutch Power.

* * Exceed OEM Specifications.

* * Smooth clutch take up.

* * Advantage of longer life.

* * Higher Heat resistance.

* * Totally Asbestos Free.

* * Ideal for fast riders.

* * Made in Japan.

MSRP: $159.95

Nobody has used any Sumo products...gulp, well maybe I'm the first one?

How did the sumo kit go?

Did you have any problems at all?

I bought a sumo clutch kit but have not installed it yet cant find witch dics are the friction disc my kit should come with two the kit I got for two bikes all the discs look the same

anybody use these before

I bought this kit and found the stronger springs to be weaker than stock as they seemed to allow a little slip with each gear change. Put the stock springs back in now much better. As for the plates i couldnt see any difference either so I just fitted in the order they came. Might be wearing on the aluminium pressure plate not sure :(

I use their brakes. They work great and can't beat the price. Sumo is pretty popular among the quad crowd

Never heard of sumo anything other than wrestling haha. But depending on your bike brand, Tusk clutches are cheaper? Mine for my yz was only 53

Not sure about the brakes but over the years I've found that factory clutch springs, plates and fibers are the best and most reliable. There might be something better out there but factory seems to work pretty damn well. 

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