Cooling fans and amp draw on WR450F

The Spal 4" fans will not fit behind the radiators with a Clark 3.6 gal tank installed. If you managed to wedge them between the two then you would have the fans rubbing against the tank and no airflow. With the stock tank they might fit down in the corners of the radiators, but they probably won't last as long being trapped between the radiator heat, engine heat, and exhaust heat.

If I rememeber correctly, the two fans together pull about 4.4 amps and the headlight pulls about 5 amps.

I wanted to get the amp draw close on fan start-up so I didn't keep surging the rectifier everytime I switched between them.




I don't know if Mt-Track will see this, but has anyone else run two of these on the front side of their radiators with success? I'm curious about prolonged use/abuse from rocks, crashes, cleaning, etc. I think this might be just the ticket for me to help with my cooling problems.

^^^ So far no problems with any of what you state above. Very happy with the results and not a single cooling issue since!

Very cool! Thanks to you and the other guys that added info on this topic. I am going to do this.

How did you wire the fan? Love the set up are you running a stock tank? 

15 hours ago, elijah808 said:

How did you wire the fan? Love the set up are you running a stock tank? 

Who are you asking?    

if it is me, I just used the original Yamaha headlight switch in a simple on/off config.  Had changed the

headlight to aftermarket LED and used the old switch for the fan.   Works fine without the extra

complications of automatic thermal control.

Stock tank.  


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