Anyone from the cincinnati area going riding this weekend?


I plan on riding for 4 days straight this weekend, practice on saturday, race on sunday and more riding mon and tues. I encourage company because I always have to go riding by myself. I am also open to suggestion on places to ride, I prefer fast outdoor tracks with big jumps. I know there has to be more cincinnatians on here than just me.

i am from the nati colerain where you from

about a Dozen of us are going to Crow Canyon all weekend up in Urichsville and they are having a mx school saturday hosted by Brock Sellards

I am from Amelia, off the beechmont exit on 275. I have never been to Crow Canyon before, are you guys going to be participating in the mx school

alright, I just looked at the website and seen the reason why Brock is holding the class. Thats awesome, I hope there are some great donations from this. How is the track, fast, technical, big jumps?

I live in Mason. I'll be in Michigan this weekend visiting family but I'm definately game for riding sometime.

Yeah zook314 it is a sad why he is doing this and I commend him for it. I and my boy plan on getting in on the MX classes as a couple more I know are going. Not sure about the track as I have never been there. I youtubed it and looked pretty good. I am heading out in the morning to be there all weekend. Hope you can make it out. If you do I will be on the Rockstar 01 RM250 with red backgrounds #409 come up and say hey if come out.

Is anyone riding anywhere Sunday June 5?

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