99 WR400 needle and seat ?

I have gas dripping ever so slightly out of the overflow tube on the carb. I pulled the carb off the bike, took it apart and it is really really clean. Checked the needle and seat and they appear to be good. Reinstalled everything. The drip slowed down but its not gone completely. I need to replace the needle and seat. Needle replacement, super easy. But, HOW DO YOU REPLACE THE SEAT?? That is my main question. Also, does anyone have the factory part numbers for the needle and seat or should I just call up Eddie and order them? Thanks in advance.

Small slide hammer will pull the seat. Replacement parts can be had at a KTM dealer (thier book shows the parts), CarbPartsWarehouse, Cyclewearables, Eddie too! You probably need just the small oring the seat sits on.

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