Cowpens Harescramble (No cows were injured during this production)

This past Sundays Mideast race in Cowpens SC:banana: Hope you all enjoy:thumbsup:

love it Travis! liked where just after scoring you buzzed the folks on the side of the track! Good riding

I wanted to go check it out so bad and couldn't. Great ridin'! I hope to give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing!


Good job on your 2nd. Yours looks like a very competitive class. I always look forward to your videos, thanks for posting them here. I've been wondering when another would come up.

It's funny though, you will get a half dozen responses and a few views of another great riding video. If you posted "how do these boots look with my bike color" you would have 150 responses and a thousand views! Oh well, there's no accounting for folk's taste...

Thanks guys glad you like!! Yeah some people get to close to the track so I just try to run them off a little bit:bonk:

I might need to do that on my next video and ask if they like my sock color or something like that:banana::smirk:

Looks like a good time! haha looked like a few hairy lines through the trees!

Nice and Fast! Looks Awesome!

SHoot dude, you were KILLING it! Nice riding!!

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