02 xr70r smoking like a train

My buddy just bought a 02 xr70r for his step son. We did some general services on it and noticed there was only about 5 tbsp of oil in the engine (:smirk:). Now that we have the right amount of oil it's smoking like a train. Believe it or not it still runs good..... and nobody can keep up with it.... but that's because u can't breathe if you're behind it. LOL. We figured there was going to be work needed since he only paid 100.00 dollars for it. I know some basic stuff about small engines. I have a rmz450 and a rm 125. What all do you think is going to need to be rebuilt or repaired? What are the most common repairs done to stop oil burningon these engines ? We are assuming that no work was ever done to this little guy. Also is there anywhere to get free shop manuals on this thing???

thanks for the help


I would guess the rings are damaged... possibly the cylinder... They come apart super easy so I'm sure you will be able to get it sorted out soon

Sounds like the seller did that so he could sell a non-smoking bike. Could be valves/valve guide. Could be a ring is stuck due to being old, worn, or oxidized such that it gets stuck in the piston grooves and cannot move in and out...thus some smoking. Time to go in there and find out.

You can google for free online repair manuals for any bike. I do that all the time. Torrent sites have these lots of times.

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