BO Leatt Brace

I ordered a Leatt GPX Adventure II neck brace from LocoX, it's been 2 months now and the order still hasn't been fulfilled. Contacted support and they mention that Leatt has trouble with stocks.

Can someone back up that claim? Is there anyone also waiting on a brace? Or is LocoX just bs'ting me...

I'm aware that LocoX don't stock anything and am ok with that, but now I'm concerned they'll ever complete the order.

ya man, same here. my local shop ordered mine in the middle of february and it didn't come in until the end of april. I got the white Troy Lee Design one, which was ordered at the same time as two other generic Leatt's and it came in about 10 days before the generic Leat's. Not sure why this was the case though....

ok thanks, gives me a bit of hope... I'll endure my ol' school rc3 collar for a while still

Call your local dealer and have him contact Troy Lee Designs or call Troy Lee Designs direct. They have Adventure braces in stock.

Delivered! At last!

Looking good, now I only have to get used to putting on and off the Leatt/Sentinel combo.

So, overall with LocoX : ordered April 2nd, received June 6th... If it weren't for the Leatt it would have gone much faster, FedEx are really quick. Problem is LocoX have no clear indication of what is back ordered.

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