Braces/Supplements for tennis elbow?

Dr. Mark,

I think I damaged the tendon or Extensor Carpi muscle in my right arm, just below the elbow. It happened at least three weeks ago, I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I can tell you it's most obvious if I were to pick up a thick object like a phone book by the spine or what I did this morning, pick up a 5-gallon bucket by the rim using my fingers as the primary support.

Motions such as grabbing a door pull, shifting a manual transmission or flexing/extending my wrist against resistance don't seem to affect it.

The pain is somewhat troubling, maybe a 4 on a scale of 10, fairly acute but not debilitating because it doesn't last long. The pain feels deep, but not skeletal. It feels different from other injuries I've had in the past where I could tell "I tweaked a tendon, better lay off for a few days" or "it's just muscle soreness, I'll be ok to keep going".

Other than rest, what can I do? To make matters worse, I load boxes five days a week for a few hours each morning. I'm trying to avoid single handed grabs from above, even on light stuff.


FWIW: 33, 5'8", 210.

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