02 KTM Seat

I was wanting to get a new seat for my 02 ktm 200 exc, because I have the stock SDG seat that is as hard as a rock. I want a complete seat because the one I have all round is just ready to be replaced. I am heading towards the EE (enduro engineering) soft, standard height seat but it says that the complete seats only come for 04 through 07. So will the 04 fit my 02. If not do you all have any ideas for a good complete soft seat?

Thanks in advance!:smirk:

It wont work because in 2003 KTM switched to a single under seat bolt, instead of the two side bolts to hold the seat down.

Thanks but now im gunna have to do somethin different any one got any ideas

If your seat pan is dead you're going to have to find one on eBay or ktmtalk. I don't believe anybody has complete seats now for the earlier bikes.

PM me tomorrow, I had a couple but I can't remember if I still have them.

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