ok i have a 2002 yamaha wr 250f and i was thinking about getting graphics for it. anyone know anything that looks good? :smirk:

Why not look around at graphics company websites, see if they have anything for your bike, and then see if they have anything you like. It doesn't matter what we think looks good.

the big companies dont even make graphics for WRs. Gonna have to go to a local shop that has the templates for your bike.

I use 343 Graphics (a local shop here in PA) for my wifes TTR for this reason. Here is his facebook page, im sure he would be glad to ship.

I would look around eBay if I where you. I got a full set of graphics for my kx250 for $62 shipped. It was a very good deal. Oh ya. . . If you just type in wr graphics on ebay you will get more results than typing in the specific model. Then just look for you year of bike. Good luck!

factory fx has grafix for my o6 wr 250 i gonna get the evo 7 for my bike

I think you should black it out and get Metal Mulisha graphics they are the coolest ever ever ever!!!! :smirk:

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