Got pulled over last night

I work 2nd shift so I left work at midnight and hopped on the local highway that goes through town. Speed limit is 45, there are gaurd rails almost all the way so I didnt even look for cops and I made the decision to open her up. Got up to 72 just befor I had to make a turn. About a 1/4 mile after the turn:busted:. I thought I was f@$#@&, one for speeding and on top of that I only have my permit until this saturday ( skills test saturday). He walked up and said " do you have any insurance on this bad boy" I handed him all my papers, "the speedomiter work on this thing" yes sir. when he came back from checking me out he said " well you were doing 60 in a 45 and you are riding without your endorsement" ( I was lucky he didnt see me doing 72) I said I know but my test is this weekend and im just using the bike to get to work. He said " ok, im not to concerned about it but just make sure you dont ride alone anymore and slow down, and then we started talking about our interest in motorcycles and that was that. NO TICKET!!! The supermoto gods were with me all the way on that one. I was also lucky I wasnt carrying my glock because I forgot to tell him I have my conceal pistol licence. That would have been a big no no. if he found out befor I told him I would have been in deep:moon:

You and the cop shared an interest in motorcycles, that's what saved you... that and not many folks can resist the charm of a supermoto :smirk:

looks like you got away with one!!!!!

it sounds like you were not being reckless, i know a lot of times the fuzz will leave you alone as long as its not reckless and in traffic. most of the time if your polite and honest they let you go with a warning

I think in NC if your liscence plate is registered to you, and your concealed permit, he already knows you have the carry permit because they label your plates and liscence number with that information. he runs the tags, he knows. I have a carry permit also and thats what i was told. could be wrong though. Also another story on that subject, a few weeks ago me and a friend on his kawa 636 pullled out of a gas staition and rode wheelies for + - 1/4 mile side by side. a mile later a county sheriff pulled up beside me, stuck his hand out the window gesturing a wheelie and waved his index finger back and forth to say "wheelies, NO NO" and proceded to the jail. I think we got away because he was transporting a criminal. pheeeew. that was close.

"the speedomiter work on this thing" yes sir. when he came back from checking me out he said " well you were doing 60 in a 45 and you are riding without your endorsement"

Should've told him "well apparentally my speedo doesn't work, I thought I was doing 72!" lol if you told me that i'd probably laugh...then give you a ticket...:smirk:

Another thing that probably helped you get out of a ticket was your attitude. I've been pulled over lots of times, w/ and w/ out guns in the car, and I've never gotten a moving violation. Show the cop respect, and most of the time they will return it in kind. That's my best advice, and what I always tell my friends when they ask how I never get a ticket. Also, leave one tail light out, that way, if they feel they HAVE to give you some kind of ticket, you get a no sweat fix it ticket. :smirk:

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