YZ brake hose


I need to know who makes the direct route brake hose for the Yamahas. The one that is routed like the Honda. Thanks in advance.

Fast Line makes a awsesome CR style brake line for the YZ400/426.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

do you happen to know the part# or price? No biggie, just curious, I'm going to get one this week.

Jamie, I just received my last week. Sorry, I don't have the part# on me, but just tell whoever you order from \

front - Fastline YZ cable w/ CR routing

rear is standard YZ cable

Sorry, forgot $

front 53-60 range

rear 50-58 range

Whats the avantage of the CR style routing?



I just picked up the Fast-Line cable but Im not sure it has the braided reinforced line. Is this some thing you have to purchase extra ? :CONFUSED


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I just ordered mine today. Thanks for the input. Yes the braided line should be part of the assembly. Any high quality brake line will be braid reinforced. I have experience with the auto versions and the difference is unbelievable. I hope the same holds true for the bike. Once again, thanks everybody!

The CR style is several inches shorter which is claimed to require less lever pressure for braking. To take advantage of this, a braided or reinforced line is needed.

Ahhhhhh. I see now. Thanks Boit.


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