fans on 99 wr400

is there anyway to put some on? i have it enduro'ed out with the Baja kit. however i mostly trail ride which involves some stopping while trying to see who is going to be brave enough to make the first jump off the hill lol. i was wondering if there is a way to put them on there since it does have a a stator. was thinking of maybe putting a couple of 6V-12V case fans from a computer on there with a switch. just not sure how that would work. woudl it draw to much and burn up the stator or something? has this been done before. just looking for some suggestions if you have any!

Most likely the fans are DC fans. If so you would need to set the stator up to charge a battery and run the fans from the battery. The stator puts out AC.

ahh very good point! well i now that mine has that Baja kit on it and it has some type of capacitor or such on it. since it sends power to it there do you think there is anyway i could splice into that and charge a battery somehow? other wise i may just by a few rechargable 9 volts and a charger and wire them into the bike somehow lol. might be pretty ghetto but should work.

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