Thunder in the sand @ wildwood?


I've been thinking about doing this race for a while now. Just wondering if its worth it for me to drive 3hr 45mins or is it one of those poorly planned events where I'd be better off at a local track for the weekend.

I'm anticipating lots of deep ruts and rough conditions.

they always get a good turn out from what i remember

the track gets super whooped out..not sure how rutty it gets

id love to race this track when it rains..braaaap

I look at as more as a fun race. You do one moto per day and I think they were only 3 laps. Practice day on Friday I think the most of gotten was 4 sessions. You have the Wildwood Boardwalk where you can hang out on and the beach if its nice out. There are plenty of video's I think MXPTV has a few to see the track. If your looking for lots of track time forget it.

I've watched the videos numerous times and looks like alot of fun. 3 laps seems like less than 5min motos.

it's definitely a "fun" race or a weekend event, usually a good turnout, we'll be there!

Iv done the june & october races every year for about 6 years .. This is the first year im not going.. The june race is alot more fun because the boardwalk is open..

You have to love riding in sand ..If you never rode in deep sand be prepared to crash alot.. (its ok it wont hurt sand is soft haha) Make sure you have a fresh rear tire .. as close to a paddle tire as you can get with out having a true paddle tire

Bring lots of water !

The problems with this race is cost

For me about 3 hours $150 for gas for the truck

$20 Pit Fee required for everyone over 4 years old.

Camping Fee Required $50 for Friday and Saturday, additional $25 for Thursday night

Spectator bleacher seating for Saturday and Sunday will be $7.00 per day.

Then its $30 per class you run.. You have to do more then one or you end up riding for 10min..

Tell you the Truth its seems to be more fun for the people not racing and just hangin out ..

Having second thoughts now..... calculated about $170 in gas for the whole trip then $60 for two classes, and then $20 pit fee. Thats $250 spent just to ride at the beach. Maybe I'll just hit the pratice on friday and save $40

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