Magura Clutch Problem! HELP!, NO clutch feel at operating temperatures

Hello All,

I recently bought a 560 SMR. I rode it about 50 miles, mainly highway at about 70-75 home. Once I got off the highway and i started pulling in the clutch for down shifts I realized that it was no disengaging the clutch at all. The clutch feel went to absolutely nothing and I was unable to ride home with out stalling out, b/c neutral is so what tricky to get into and it it a new bike and there is no clutch at this point.

Moving on, After reading about similar problems, I assumed it was a neccesary reverse bleed of the clutch system. I purchase a large syringe and did everything accordingly. I have done this now 4 times and once I have completed the bleed the clutch had great feel and pull. I start the bike get it to running temp and pull out of my parking lot and the clutch works for about 5 pulls and then goes dead...

Clutch Fluid is NOT leaking anywhere and this is what baffles me. I bleed the system multiple time to make sure no air bubbles remained.

At this point I am either going to take it to a shop (no KTM shops in my area though) or buy the master cylinder rebuild kit. I have a diagram on the rebuild but would love some tool advice a perhaps a walk through.

I am looking to find out if I should get the master cylinder rebuil OR

Take it to the shop OR

Is there a problem that I am missing

Let me know what you all think may be a problem and how to move forward. I am very frustrated at this point. I bought the bike rode it home and this is where it has been since...

Best Regards,


I had the same thing with my TM and as there was no sign of leaks or fluid levels dropping so I assumed it was master cylinder seals so fitted a new kit and it was just the same :smirk: so pulled the slave cylinder and popped the piston out and all looked in fair condition but as it was apart I slid a new set of O rings on as thats all TMs use and its been fine ever since :smirk:

it's the slave, on older bikes it leaks into the engine oil

I would change the engine oil too when you fix it

I will definitely change the oil once I figure out the main problem. The O rings sounds like the best possibility. Where did you all find the replacement O rings?

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