Magura Clutch Problem! HELP!, NO clutch feel at operating temperatures

Hello All,

I recently bought a 560 SMR. I rode it about 50 miles, mainly highway at about 70-75 home. Once I got off the highway and i started pulling in the clutch for down shifts I realized that it was no disengaging the clutch at all. The clutch feel went to absolutely nothing and I was unable to ride home with out stalling out, b/c neutral is so what tricky to get into and it it a new bike and there is no clutch at this point.

Moving on, After reading about similar problems, I assumed it was a neccesary reverse bleed of the clutch system. I purchase a large syringe and did everything accordingly. I have done this now 4 times and once I have completed the bleed the clutch had great feel and pull. I start the bike get it to running temp and pull out of my parking lot and the clutch works for about 5 pulls and then goes dead...

Clutch Fluid is NOT leaking anywhere and this is what baffles me. I bleed the system multiple time to make sure no air bubbles remained.

At this point I am either going to take it to a shop (no KTM shops in my area though) or buy the master cylinder rebuild kit. I have a diagram on the rebuild but would love some tool advice a perhaps a walk through.

I am looking to find out if I should get the master cylinder rebuil OR

Take it to the shop OR

Is there a problem that I am missing

Let me know what you all think may be a problem and how to move forward. I am very frustrated at this point. I bought the bike rode it home and this is where it has been since...

Best Regards,


First is to bleed the system with fresh fluid. It could be old and broken down. If that doen't work you might need a rebuild the mastercylinder and possibly the slave.

You need to take the o ring off of the oil cap and use it to replace the probable worn out o ring on the slave cylinder piston since they are the same, rebleed it out in your parking lot, and hope to god it works. You need to hurry up with this though, because your friend who is doing a full motor rebuild on his bike is going to get done and have his clutch bled before you do. :smirk::banana::smirk:

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