How do I sell my old gas tank without including the locking cap key?

Do people just not include the cap or something?

yes Ive bought one w out the key and one w out the cap.

you should mention its a california tank tho as the CA tank cap is different than the 49 state cap

...As well as the tank with a built in vent line.

Be sure to be as honest as your can in describing it when you make your ad in the classifieds

I recieved my bike without the key for the gas tank since the bike had been rekeyed at some point.

I picked the cap, dissasembled it, and removed the pins from the lock so it rotates freely

Would you be able to get a new cap with a key from the manufacture? Might want to look into that. That what I did when I went with a bigger tank for my Yamaha. Let me know how it works out for you.

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