GoPro Hero HD Chest Mount Video!

Just got my chest mount for the gopro and it give a waaay better angle. thought i would try it my first time riding this year.

Here's the link to the video

Is that mount adjustable as in angle, can’t watch too much of the video always want to be looking up. I always run mine on my helmet but I have tagged a couple trees with it. Looks like a cool place to ride.

Yeah its just as adjustable as any other mount, the thing is when you have it level when your sitting down...its going to be looking at your bars, tank area when you stand up. But to me its a cool view because you can see what the bike and the rider are doing exactly and the view is always changing. Not like on the helmet where you always see the same view.

Iv always run them on the helmet too, but that's the problem..your gonna get it scratched and damaged if you ride in areas with lots of trees, and after a while..the helmet view gets boring..almost like its missing something.

And yeah its a pretty fun area but its kinda small. In 2 hours you can ride every trail there lol.

did you use only the chesty? or did you use a few extensions?

i went with just my chesty and I got some poor footage...I plan on making a foam wedge attached between the chesty and my chest for a better angle. the last time I tried using extensions, the extension snapped and the gopro got tossed down the asphalt and ran over by the other racers...the busted up case and the busted up cam were brought back to us, but the SD card was gone.

EDIT: after I posted I looked up some stuff for the chesty mount....well with my current firmware, I can use the upside down mode to record...that will be easier.

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Just the chesty..the way it sits on my chest protector it has a perfect angle. You just have to angle the cam so when your sitting down the camera is aiming just above your bars.That was when you stand up it wont be shooting too low

sweet video, Ive never been to a track yet..just got my bike last summer so ill probably try it up within the next couple month. Looks fun :smirk:

Nice videos! I'm thinking more and more about a chest mount. Are you guys running chest protectors?

Nice videos! I'm thinking more and more about a chest mount. Are you guys running chest protectors?

Thanks man, and yeah i always wear a chest protector (lots of fallen trees where i ride and would wanna wipe and get a branch through the chest lol)

Chest protectors also makes the Chest mount work better, makes it stable and props it up so you can get a better angle

I'm glad I found this thread, that was a cool vid....I enjoyed about 90% of it so I'm glad I got the chest mount now... I'll be sure to angle it like you said....... Like you said in thread, I'm looking forward to combing both shots helmet and chest....BTW What software did you use to edit? Windows Movie Maker Kept crashing on me so I had to find something else.

Chest mount is ok but I was disappointed because it doesn't look to side if you do.....I use a PROSHOT

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1416360716.452861.jpg

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