Airoh Aviator - read if you want one

I recently purchased an Airoh Aviator helmet. Two things:

1. The fit is "round oval" similar to an Arai. It is not a "long oval" like a Shoei. However, the Shoei fits me better than the Arai and the Aviator is still a comfortable helmet. I wear size large in all three helmets.

2. Don't buy from It is a German company offering good prices and easy shipping to the US. This company shipped me the wrong model and refused to pay return shipping to correct the problem. They were very reluctant to communicate with me after the transaction (I sent multiple emails to get a reply). I ended up having to sell the helmet.

how much did it end up costing?

I really want one, I love my stealt but it's hot in the summer

I want one. They need some distributors in the USA so we can try them on.

I know it is scary to buy before trying on. That's why I compared it to the Arai...

The cost from FC-Moto was $500. For the "color" model. Dirtbikeexpress (ebay store) will accept 300 GBP + 25 GBP shipping. That is $525 US and worth the extra $25!

Thanks for the heads-up, pun intended. I was flipping a coin over the Aviator and a Euro Shoei vfxw (from what I understand the Euro spec shoeis weigh almost a pound less than dot vfxw's) But I found a good deal through a friend on a new TLD air, which is light by most standards. Still, I would love to try a Airoh, or even the new Kali Prana carbon, I have heard it the lightest helmet on the market.

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