1982 XR200r compatability help!

Hey guys!

Awesome community here, you guys all seem really helpful and thusly I seek your guys (and possibly gals) help!

I didn't want to be annoying so I've been searching frivolously for the last couple of days but I couldn't quite find what I needed!

So recently my friend was jogging near his house and saw and XR200r out side of this guys house. We have been looking for a project bike and thought that'd be the perfect bike. Even though it had probably been sitting out for years....BOO! He went and asked the owner if he was interested in selling it, he said for 50 clams we could take the xr200 and a little 1972 xr75 sitting around the corner!

Freekin awesome!

TL;DR: Two sweet bikes:50 bux.

On to my question.

We are working on the 1982 XR200r and was wondering is it possible to replace the engine with an XR250 engine? If so what year? or does that even matter?

Also, are there any other years of the model that would have compatible parts to work with this bike?

Thanks guys, happy to join the community!

Welcome to the site. While waiting for some real experts to chime in here I am not sure that the 250 motor is a bolt in. Maybe.

Regarding parts swapping you can use just about any xr200 motor stuff as it has never really changed at all. I think a CDI swap may be something you would be interested in doing. I think the only xr200 you are not compatible with are the 83-4 which were dual carb bikes.

Have fun and how about some pics?


[ no sorry, none of the xr250 engines will bolt in. motor mounts are very different. of ][/b]

The 250 is a bigger motor, a slightly modified 200 can make as much power and be more nimble offroad.

Tons of part for those bikes, fix it up!

Thanks so much for the replies guys! Looks like we are gonna wait a bit to get the bike repaired, we just took the engine into a KTM shop to take a look at it. The top end is totally shot and need to be completely repaired the price to fix that along with everything else we need to get parts for is roughly estimated to be more the the bikes worth as it stands. Definitely a project bike...might even scrap the engine, get a new one, mod the frame and make a nifty supermoto! We shall see.

Thanks again guys! :]

Just get the cylinder bored out to the next size. A piston kit from dennis kirk is right around $160, plus about $80 for a bore, and you should be pretty well set, maybe replace the cam chain.

There's lots of these 200 engines out there. Honda used the same 200 engine all the way up to 1985 in their ATC200X trikes and their XR200 bikes, the only difference being the way the kickstart kicks and the gearing. You can take an XR200 engine and bolt it into a trike, and visa versa.

I actually had an XR200R, an 83, with a stroked out 218 engine. That sucker got up and scooted, maxed out at 72 though.

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