400 exc correct engine oil amount

So the manual say that the oil level should be on the "lower" edge of the window when the engine is cold. the correct capacity is 1.25 liters. When I install the correct amount of oil as per the manual, the level is too high up the window. Which one is correct?

Sorry the post is so wordy.

are you draining from all three spots oil tank, oil filter, and the bolt at bottom of motor (under oil tank lines)

You will never get all the oil out of the engine.

Let it drain out of all 3 places (overnight if you can), when replacing filters also, put 1 liter back in. That should put the level at the bottom of the sight glass. After starting the engine, do not top off the oil level if it doesn't show in the window or it will be over filled. The site glass is only useful (accurate) when you first put oil in the engine before you start it. After that it will give you inconsistent readings.

Depending on the actual oil used the amount may vary.

Cheap good is shell rotella t-6 synthetic 5-40.

Raise front tire 10 inches on block of wood and with all three lower screens and bolts removed tip the bike left and right to get all the oil out.

Don't worry about the filters.

1.25 liters of the above oil will be perfect. Forget the window you will be overfilled.

Motul 300v 15-50 it's one liter as the oil foams slightly for the first 200 miles or so.

Seriously I build these for a hobby business and they all leave with 1.25 liters of the shell t6.

$21 a gallon at Wally world yesterday.

Motul is $60 a gallon and with it you can find neutral at a stop.

Doc bob

+1 on what Doc Bob said.

I've found in lower third of window is correct cold oil level. I aim for 1/4 way up.

One time the shop filled my oil to 3/4 up and oil got sucked up into the intake when I was jumping the bike. So that level s too high.

Volume needed depends on whether you've replaced the filters or not. I only change filters every 2nd or third time.

1 litre is enough for straight oil change - no filters, bit more otherwise.

I run mine on Shell Ultra or Rock Oil 10W-50 fully synthetic and it runs sweet.

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