07 YZ 250 Settings

Any one done mods to there YZ

I'm 220 lbs riding trails N CA

My manual says


fork 4.2

shock 4.8

ive checked race techs specs

anyone changed settings ?:smirk:

thats 0.43 and 4.9 in US spring rates.

I recommend to use 4.4N and 52N for your weight.

Other settings is up to you, how do you feel it and what do you want it to do or not to do.:smirk:

thought 4.3 was small

what is the conversion on the shock

and recomendations

I am 100kg's and run a 4.6kg front and 5.6kg rear, sag numbers are good front and back (I have a long rage ank on and a l camel pack)

just got my new springs in but haven't ridden yet. I'm 195 lbs and I got 4.6kg front and 5.3kg (I think) on the rear.

At 220 you should def. upgrade springs at least. I think the stock springs are rated for a 160lb rider. This ain't Japan.


what do you run your clickers at

what type of terrain

long range tank and camel back ?

stu you running a 250 f ?

Yes its a 250f now but my last race bike was a 2009 Yz 250, and on that bike I ran .48kg fronts and 5.6 rear, it was too stiff for off road riding, I now running a .46 front and 5.6 rear on the 250f and get good sag numbers, so you would most likely need .45 or .46 fronts, and 5.4 or 5.5 rear

Was just giving you a ball park to aim for

I race harescramble and enduro, I vary the clickers depending on whatrace I am doing, for faster stuff I usually go 3 clicks harder on comp on forks (from 15 out to maybe 12) rebound I alwats leave around 10 or 11 out,

My shock is something I am going to be doing this week as it needs some work so my clicker settings their would not help

are you saying softer front

or revalve

my forks feel stiff they dont travel much

the manual says 4.2 is that to soft

im about 15 comp 10 reb on the forks

12c 10 r on shock

i got a 5.6 rear and stock ? fork

I've been running 4,6N and 56N @ 220lbs on the 09 yz250.

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