TC 450 clutch spring bolt removal

Having trouble removing the allen head 6 clutch spring bolts. Was just using an allen wrench and putting some elbow into it, but got close to rounding one out, def. dont want that. Any tricks here to get these guys out?


impact gun. Those usually come right out though.

Impact gun got 4 of the 6 out, other 2 are rounded. I think they are the two that i got started rounding off with the allen:bonk::smirk: Taking a break for something to drink, and devising a way to get those other two out that doesn't involve the machine shop.

Big EZout in the stripped hole. Should come right out.


Heres to hoping, lol. All of mine are too small I have to run to the store.

Check this pic out, I think the previous installer overtorqued these guys a bit! Im in the market for a used clutch hub now... any idea what other bikes use this clutch to make my search alittle easier?


Crap. there is a thread here about fixing that via a bolt through the back. I would replace the basket though.

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