little help needed

just bought a used 2006 rm250 with a fesh engine for a decent price... chassis wise it needs a few things but overall was a good deal.

last night i got it home and changed the oil and the threads in the oil check bolt hole by the drive sprocket are all messed up, what would be the best way to fix it? the bolt goes in and stays in but barely... should i just leave it or try to drill and tap the hole? im afraid if i drill and tap the hole all the shavings and crap will go into the bottom of the engine.... open to suggestions thanks!

Drilling would cause shavings to go into engine. Unless you want to take it apart now, or the until the next time it is split, I would try putting some teflon tape at the threads close to the head. It will help seal it and keep it tighter. Some may suggest silicone, but that may be hard to clean each time you check it.

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