79 xr250 knock

Hi all,

I need some advise.

My buddy just gave me his old 79 xr250. It has been sitting for about two years but apparently ran fine before this. I know nothing about motorcycles and my mechanical training doesn’t exceed high school auto shop. I cleaned out the carburetor, spark plug, and replaced the fuel line and it started up fine but there was a notable knocking that I thought was the valves. With the hopes that this was just out of tune I purchased a manual and adjusted the valve clearances. This didn’t seem to affect it at all - there is still a fairly prominent knock in the engine. I have not had it running for more than a couple minutes because I don’t know the consequences of this knocking. I am looking for any input on possible causes, weather this is something that needs repair, is worth repairing, or weather it may be ridden as is. Any thoughts would help me at this point.


owned a 1982 xr500 ofr about 20 years now, for all intents and purposes the same engine. they knock, its not a quiet engine to begin with.its over 30 years old. still let somebody that knows these old girls. it could be a normal knock or a death knock hard to tell the difference on the computer

Haha, ya thats what I need to figure out. I'm going to try to get a few ears from the local riding community. Thanks for the input though.

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