First Time in Track

Hi everyone i was wondering what to expect when i go on the track for the first time this weekend. It will be my first time riding the bike.

Take it easy have fun don't over due yourself when the arm pump comes around

And get video! I love watching 2 stroke run around!

Go slow... lololol

No. 1 rule of the track: Hold your line.

Do not weave all over the place. By holding a steady line, the faster guys are able to predict where you will be and get around you clean.

No. 2: Raise your hand when exitting.

To let rides behind you know your intentions, raise your hand to signal you are pulling off the track.

If you follow these 2 rules and you realize its fine to go slow until you get comfortable, you will do fine. Good luck, I know it can be nerve racking. Don't let it discourage you if you feel slow on the track when off road you are decently fast. Eventually you will catch on and by riding the track you can also become a better woods/offroad rider. Since the track gives you the opportunity to work on certain aspects of riding through repetition.


Take it easy and concentrate on fundamentals. Good luck!

as other have said is take it slow! Don't look back to who's behind you. If someone's faster then you they need you to stay in the same line so they can pass you with out you interfering. This is where you and others can get hurt. Looking back means you're not in control of your bike!

Next, don't over ride your ability! Do only what you absolutly know you can do. And since it's your first time at the track that means NOTHING! learn to walk then you can run then jump!

Finaly. WHen you feel tired pull off don't try and push your self. also when you think one more time, it's time to pack up and call it a day!

Thanks everyone I will remember this when i am riding since i have never ridden the bike at all i will make sure not to push it.

Well, I just got back into riding after a 20 year lay off. Never rode on a track until last Sunday. Wow, I had so much fun I can't even begin to explain. The one thing that I wish someone told me was that, even if you aren't sore, you probably will be later! We were at the track for five hours, the hour meter on my bike clicked 2.1 hours, and my bud has an odo on his bike and it read 52km. Today is Wed and everything is feeling o.k. except for my quads. I've been walking funny since Mon. If I didn't push it so much, I could have gone back today for some more, cause yup, I'm hooked! Now I have to wait till my stupid legs feel better...ENJOY!


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