Another stupid question for the Dez experts here


Been a few years since i have bought a 'EZ up" type shade do-hicky

Mine have all fallen victim to wind damage

Who has the beat value on these? Costco, wallymart? Big 5?

Thanks in advance, Im just too dam lazy to look into it :smirk:


I have bought mine at Big-5, usually on sale. I also weight each leg dow with a 5 gallon water jug. With each jug weighing in at 40lbs, that's 200lbs of weight anchoring my EZ-Up down. In addition to the jugs, I hammer in the stakes. Never lost one yet.

I got mine on sale at Big 5 for like $40.00 a couple of years ago - which was a smoking deal.

Avoid the knock-offs they sell at Costco - the wind destroys the cheap plastic corner pieces...

Big 5 and costco have what you are looking for

Thanks, the last one i killed, I set up to work on my truck, no wind, I was going to anchor it down anyway, I went into the house to pee, I came out, it was gone. Crumpled up 100 ft away, One little wind gust these things are toast. Big 5 web site has a about 5 different options


I get the EZ UP brand at Sams. Heavy Canvas tops. Comes with roll around bag and sides if you want them.

Cabalas has deals sometimes.

Not sure where you're located, but there is an EZ-up outlet on the 5 freeway near La Mirada. I bought the sand filled bag weights when I bought mine and it stays put in wind. Make sure you get one that has wind resistance as they are all built differently. Mine has the flexible supports for the top so they can flex in wind and not bend. It was more expensive, but cheaper if you figure it will last and not need replacement.

Located in wind alley Mojave

I got mine at big 5 and it's been though it's wind test in boulder city a few years back and lasted. Went there with a walmart brand and didn't last half of the day even being tied down before being clamed.

Big 5 tends to have the best sales.

The way that mine has lasted for several years is that I don't take it to the desert. That's the sure fire plan for it not to get damaged in the wind. OK, I know that doesn't help...

If you look at the web sites you will see that several different levels of the canopy's are sold. For example you can spend as much as $700 on a 10x10 EZ-up. I'm thinking that you get what you pay for and the more expensive ones are hopefully more robust. If instant put up and take down are not a big priority or you want something more permanent, you can get fittings that use the pipe or metal electrical conduit. It's kind of like tinker toys. With construction like that, you can get whatever strength you need.

It's kind of like tinker toys. With construction like that, you can get whatever strength you need.

I had a one I custom built many years ago out of 3/4 electrical EMT and a

standard blue tarp, It was lasted through the most hidius wind storms, but

It took a bit more time to set up.

There is a big 5 not too far from here in Tehacippi, I think that will

be my move for this



I suggest you get one with straight legs. Not to keep you from feeling ripped off when you read the box and it is 12x12 (footprint) just to find out the canvas is 10x10, but because it is much easier to set up.

The straight legged EZ-up is much easier to set up cuz you dont have the legs working against you. Especially if you set it up by yourself a lot.

If you have an old EZ up or see one at the trash, grab some of the pieces. I have frankenstined my EZ-up back together after a piece has bent due to wind or rain. I have also used aluminum flatstock to replace some bent pieces.

+1 for straight legs. If you ever want to put multiple EZ Ups together to make a bigger canopy, straight legs are a must.


My local K Mart carries the EZ Up brand and they have had some pretty good sale prices recently.


Yeah, I would get at least a 10 X 10 that has straight legs. The side panels are great for calm days when you need shade the most.

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