4x6 or 4x8 trailer?

I have the option of either getting a 4x6 or a 4x8 trailer to haul my two dirtbike (CRF 250x) for about the same price.

with the 4x6 i know my back tire will be right at the edge but at the same time its a bit smaller and maybe easier to haul and store. :smirk:

just wanted to get some thoughts on which one I should go with and why.


Go with the 4x8 if they are the same price then go with the bigger one. Also it will allow you to have more room for gear, cooler,another bike?:smirk:

If they are about the same price, get the bigger one!! :smirk:

Unless you just can't fit the 4x8 at home where you want to store it get the 4x8 for sure. With the 4x6 the bike won't fully fit, and like you said the rear tire will hang off a bit. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but let me assure you, it's a pain to load because you have to keep holding the bike forward while hooking the straps on or it will want to roll off backwards.

Unless you have plenty of money to throw away, buy the 4X8. If you do have plenty of money to throw away, throw some my way.

They haul the same, point the ball connects to to the axle (this will determine how difficult it is to back up, longer is better, ask a truck driver) is nearly the same with the 4X8 vs. the 4X6. Within a few inches if at all. My miata (yes, you read that right) pulls both empty as if they don't exist. The difference in tare is about 50 lbs. The 4X8 is just over a foot longer than the 4X6. Buy the 4X8.

I had so much buyer's remorse on the 4X6, I broke it just so I could make it a 4X8.

thanks all.

does tire size make a difference?

the 4x6 has a 10x6 rim size and a 10x8 tire size

the 4x8 has a 12x4 rim size and a 12x5.3 tire size

the 4x6's tire is a little thicker.

any thoughts on this?

In theory, you want the largest diameter tire with a load rating that exceeds the GVWR of your trailer. Bigger tire spins slower at the same speed, thus the bearings take less stress and heat and last longer.

And the rating is pretty simple logic, if X can carry 1, if I plan to haul 2, I probably shouldn't use X, and opt for Y that can carry 2 or Z that can carry 3.

I hope there's no load ratings called X, Y or Z.

But that doesn't matter, because you don't want to buy the 4X6.

Oh, one more thing. on our 4X6 converted to a 4X8, the tires were happiest at 90 PSI, if it went down too far, the trailer would misbehave. Ditto for the tow vehicle, not 90 PSI, what ever it's supposed to be.

Unless things have changed a lot recently, those look like Harbor Freight trailers and not worth the cost to ship them, let alone pay for them.

At the prices you're considering, go to Tractor Supply, Lowe's and Home Depot and avoid a lot of hassle.

thanks all.

does tire size make a difference?

the 4x6 has a 10x6 rim size and a 10x8 tire size

the 4x8 has a 12x4 rim size and a 12x5.3 tire size

the 4x6's tire is a little thicker.

any thoughts on this?

this is from a post i made earlier today.

Well if you think about it, a smaller tire has to do more rotations than a larger tire to go the same distance. Smaller tires will be harder on bearings and the tire itself because they heat up quicker but they are also cheaper than bigger tires...And it the bigger tire is only taller, not wider, it will not affect rolling resistance. It's really up to you but the smaller tires should be fine.

Look into the ones from Lowes or Hd becuase that would seem much easier than dealing with a Ebay seller.

For that price and if you don't need the foldability, I'd go with a Carson 4X8 trailer

I've built several of the harbor freight 4x8's for less than half of what Lowe's or Home Depot would charge, and without a single problem. You have to understand their limitations. They will flex when weighted on the cornersjust like the box store trailers, and they are not built to carry more than 1500lbs (max). Knowing that, they are great little trailers even with the 8in hockey puck tires. Sure, bigger is better, but for those who can't store or afford something larger, these do just fine.

I've made my last to HF trailers 2ft wider by bolting a 6x8 deck to the top of it, with pressure-treated 4x4's as spanners. They both carried 2 full-size ATV's (roughly 1600lbs) across Washington, Idaho, and Utah many times and I've never had a problem with it. Some say they're junk, some diss the small tires and bearings. I have yet to have a single problem with mine. My current 6x8 has 2ft side rails, with the rear being removable to use as a loading ramp. It has 3 wheel chocks permanently bolted to the floor, but has recently been used to haul a yard of perma-bark for my flower garden. With the tilting bed, that came in really handy!

I would certainly opt for the larger one for the sole fact that you can add a locking gear box to the front as well.. My rinding partner and I have down graded from f-150 and Nissan titan to a subaru outback and 4x8... We are riding for half price on the fuel.. More money for beers afterwards for the true bench racing experience..

thanks for all the posts. I ended up going with a 4x8 harbor fright trailer with 12 inch wheels. picked it up from a fellow rider for about 325 will a spare tire and two ramps. He never used the trailer, and it was brand new.

Went riding at a local spot over the weekend which requires a 3 mile ride though a rough fire road to the staging area. I must say that the trailer did very good, and no swaying while carrying two 250x.

so far I am happy with it, and dig the the fact that its fold able.

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