Gary Semics' YT School Video


GS 2 Day Motocross Group Class

We just had a fantastic 2 Day School at my Lisbon Ohio track. It was held on May 20 and 21st with 8 riders. The weather and track conditions were awesome. Everyone got a lot of riding and learning in and had a real good time. Check out this free 34 minute video.


Nice video. I really liked it and was packed with tons of good info.

thanks for the tips, awesome place to,!!!

Thanks for the video Gary! You went out of your way and it had some good info.

You may want to pick up a new helmet cam, in this video and your dvd the helmet cam parts are very shaky to the point it's hard to pick up the details you want us to see. You may want to check out a HD go pro. I've seen some videos taken with them and they are very clear. Thanks again for the good tips :smirk:

Hey Gary, Im really looking foward to your new dvd's coming out!

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