I miss winter.

Don't you?


because i dont have a BW

Nah, I prefer riding in warmer weather. Besides when it rains down here, the red Georgia clay get's just a slippery as snow and ice.

Sweat video looks like fun where are all the babes

I was pretty much jonesing for summer ridding, there was just so much snow this year it was impossible to get out.

Tried the whole studded tire thing and it just didn't work out, even with real nice studded tires the snow is just to loosely packed and you get no traction and lots of washing out. Also the bike didn't run to well in the winter and made oil changes much more common due to gas in the oil... Tried to keep the temps up with a rad blocked off, but that didn't work well enough..

Now that summer is here, and I've been getting out, my fix is now sustained and will be until hopefully november!

dude thats awesome i like riding in the snow but its hard on a wr250f

dont think i would like winter riding all that much, and i don't have a fat wheel bike :smirk:

CaveMike hear rumor maybe winter come back this winter.

Oh God^^

Winter riding id ok in vegas, but id rather snowboard during the season

As CaveMike so eloquently pointed out, winter is rumored to be planning a comeback. Then comes six months without riding? That's unacceptable.


Mr. BigWheel

Hey CaveMike, you make snow melt here faster no?

No, finally it stopped snowing!!! Yes!!

CaveMike do all him can make snow go. Him try. Tired wearing heavy pelts, funny hat. Hat stinks. Time smash new woodland creature with rock, make new hat.

Winter's still here up in the high country... went snowmobiling last weekend, and I'm probably going to do it again this weekend! :smirk:


nope cuz i can't ride my dirtbike! :smirk:


Enjoy it while it lasts. But don't worry. It will all be back before you know it.


Don't forget that woodland creatures not only make great hats, but they taste great too.


Mr. BigWheel

CaveMike call himself hunter gatherer. Him be honest, no gather anymore, only kill. Delicious.

CaveMike call himself hunter gatherer. Him be honest, no gather anymore, only kill. Delicious.

Thank you for sharing... I'll be sure to not ride by your cave :smirk:

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