Port Angeles riding area?


I might be heading up to PA this weekend to visit some family and Im considering taking my bike along for the trip to sneak in some :smirk: time! Any good areas close by? I could bring either my dual sport or dirt bike depending on what would be better, any advice is appreciated!

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Foothills OHV in P.A. Sadie Creek OHV about 15 miles west of P.A. on Hwy 112. The Burnt Hill area above Sequim used to have some decent riding. You would need a guide to show you the 'hidden' trails. Either dirt bike or smaller dual sport bike would be OK.

Thanks I will look into those!

Burnt hill got logged out last year and the only thing that remains is crummy torn up quad trails. If your plated and know you way around you could make a days ride out of the area though. There is no formal staging area or signing for trails anywhere, it's just wide spot in the road people park and local knowledge of where to ride.

Foothills might be a better bet if your on your own. And of course the locals have their secret stuff you'd have to hook up with them to even find or know where to park.

I would check out the Sadie creek area for the best bang for the buck if you like trails. It's not too far from PA. I have only ridden the foothills once years ago and there wasn't much there at the time, might be worth a look though. As for Burnt hill it was really being chewed up by quads before the logging or trails being closed. I rode the roads up there a couple of months ago just to find the trails but I haven't been back yet because it's been so wet. I used to ride there all the time but it was just becoming a mess.

Thanks for the advice everyone... It turns out Im not going to make it this weekend but I will be going up there this summer, thanks again.

I would check out the Sadie creek area for the best bang for the buck if you like trails. It's not too far from PA..
+1 :smirk: The ride is great and the views are Awesome.......

Is Sadie Creek open now?

Little Jeff

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