Need measurements from a 2011 crf450

Ok guys heres what im doing, im building a CR500 AFC from a 2011 crf450 chassie. I dont have a complete rolling bike, just the frame, subframe and swingarm.

I'm in need of a frame dimension to help in locating the cr500 motor in the frame. i have the countershaft dimension from the cast part of the frame rail to the center of the countershaft bolt.

What i need now is degree measurement somewhere from a complete bike, like the degree the frame spars are at with the bike sitting under its own weight or across the top of a subframe rail. Getting this dimension will allow me to positon the frame as it would be complete, then i could locate the countershaft measurent, from there look at the all the other areas of concern are going to be like; position of motor for or aft, exhaust, airbox to carb.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

My frame is at 3* right at bottom of engine.

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