Gifford Pinchot trail routes for GPS (.GPX)


I've taken all GPNF trails and turned them into routes for your GPS. Hopefully someone else will have some use for these other than myself. I believe just about all GPS/smartphones use this file extension. These are not maps, just the routes to overlay the map on your GPS.

- All trails for Dark Divide, Blue Lake, Sawtooth, Packwood Lake and Mt. Adams area should be included. If I missed anything or made any errors let me know.

- I checked these on GPNF website to insure the trails were still OHV legal. I left out a couple that I know have been un-rideable for years.

-There are 192.5 miles of trails here, and they are separated by the trail number. So there's a bunch of them, the files are zipped.

Click on the links below to download zip files. Let me know if there's any problems. This is my first time doing this...

UPDATE: File server doesn't appear to be working properly, so I've removed the download link. Sounds like you can download these online anyway. See comments below



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nice work.. but if you go to, ( you can download a mapset of all the trails (well, not all, but a heck of a lot) for the entire Northwest.. includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and parts of BC.. and it's all FREE.. but if you use it, I highly recommend making a donation as it is an extremely useful product to have when out on the trail.

The trails are color coded as to type (motorized, hiking, snowmobile etc.) and they even have their own Topo maps that include the trails mapset.

There's also a version for Delorme units.

I just get an error message when I click on the ops' link......nice work though.....sure appreciate the effort..!!

That's cool, sure shows the lack of loops though.

nice work but they are all right here...

Good to know. Thanks

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