TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor-Help

Need some help here, ok i just pulled the old carb off lost on how to install throttle cable. can anyone explain how i install this, pic step by step? i read about drilling the hole bigger but not sure what to here. would like to get this done so my boy and i can ride this weekend. thanks for the help.

The carb I took off the cap for the throttle is small and on my new one is it bigger. So how to I get things to work. And if I look in the throttle hole there is a hole at the bottom for the throttle needle. The new one don't look like that. Is there something missing here? The site I bought the carb from says it's a mikui for a 2000-2004 TTR-125. Any help please, don't want to think I just wasted 114. Bucks. Dang this sucks.

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