Engine Disassembly tools

Hey all,

Many of you have probably read some of my earlier posts.... I need to split the case, obviously a few special tools are needed to do this (clutch hub tool, flywheel/rotor puller, pinion puller, crankcase puller..) Also Im not quite sure how im going to get the crankshaft pin pushed out/in.... I'm in Coral Springs/Broward county area, there are no Husky shops around that i know of, (i'd like to do it myself anyways) Would there happen to be anybody around here that would let me rent or borrow their tools for this if you have them???:smirk: Or does anybody know of any guru's in the area here that do alittle work on motors on the side? I may consider this if the rate isnt extreme...

Please reply or email me at nzieman@gmail.com



I'd hate to, but i would also consider buying if they arent that expensive, I've sourced the flywheel puller and clutch tool form bike bandit, but that still leaves the crankcase puller and pinion puller, anybody know were to find these?


It's a professional job really mate, needs to be all balanced up otherwise it'll vibrate and won't last very long. Shouldn't be much to get the pin pushed out though, it's about £35 to fit a new conrod for my bike anyway.

Thanks guys. I ended up ordering a flywheel puller and clutch tool last light, not too expensive, and I found a place on the net that will let me rent a crankcase puller pretty darn cheap. Also have a friend of a friend with a machine shop so I will use him to push the pin in and out for the conrod. (I will def need a new conrod, or the bottom bearing if it is replaceable.)

Cameron.... balancing... my repair manual doesn't mention anything of the sort... what exactly needs to be balanced???


the two crank halves must be assembled perfectly, I think they use a copper hammer to tap them into alignment and a set of engineering V blocks and a dial gage to measure

Ok, hopefully my machine shop will be able to do this for me.



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