$3000 mx450?

I currently have an 04 yz 250 and am looking for a 450 around 3 grand to play around with. Mainly will be used for motocross ( not racing but riding on the track). I am not asking for which is best, rather I would like to know what to avoid? and what years and brands were bad? I am looking for a good reliable bike. Does not have to be the fastest or best. Just reliable and fun.

Thanks, Matt

You should be able to pic up a solid 450 I would say 06 and up you will be good I havent had any issues with Honda kawasaki Suzuki Or yamaha 06-08 ( not saying other brands suck this is just what I know first hand ) and I bet you can find a clean low hour well maintained bike that hasn't been beat in your price range

also considering a ktm 525sx. any good or bad things about them?

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