Stupid HOTCAM question of the day!

Is it advisable to mix and match Stage 1 & Stage 2 cams?

I will be doing the CW BB kit in the near future, and want to upgrade the cams at the same time. I have a nice stage 2 intake cam given to me previously, and was wondering if it will work ok with the "newer" stage 1 exhaust cam. Money is tight, so I don't want to purchase both stage 1 cams if I don't have to. I am planning on having the head refreshed with new valves, springs, etc. at the same time (yes, I'll be sending it to Eddie!).

What will I sacrifice with this stage 1/stage 2 combo?

BTW, I have a 2006 S with the following engine mods:


MRD/SSW Exhaust

FCR MX tuned by SSW


Thank you in advance...

- KeVin

stg 2 intake with stg 1 ex would work fine.

Excellent!! Thank you!

Eddie, if I may, I have a couple more questions. I apologize if this isn't the right forum for them.

Notwithstanding the BB, where would one notice the difference (power curve?) between the stg 1/stg 2 combo vs both stg 1?

Can you give a quick SWAG regarding the increase in HP/TQ with the combo setup and BB, given that I already have the FCR and MRD?

Many thanks in advance!

- KeVin

low to mid rpm increase over both stg 1 cams.

its 48-50hp with the big bore kit and cams.

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