DR350S tires

Finally at the point where it is time to replace the tires on the 350S that I got recently,back in the old days they had what they called universal nobbies that look alot like modern trials tires anyone ever try these on there bikes.Not really looking for a very agressive tire mostly will be used for gravel roads and somelight off road.let me know what you think.

I'm running the IRC GP 110s on my DR250s. I like them a lot. certainly no knobby but they do more than well in the dirt/gravel.

Shinko 244's, or Kenda 270's

Shinko 244's, or Kenda 270's

Great 50/50 rear tires. I prefer the Pirelli MT21 up front.

Might as well add the IRC GP-1 (not to be confused with the more street oriented IRC GP 110) as it's the same tire as the Shinko 244's and Kenda 270

Some guys here use trials tires and swear by them, hopefully one of them will see this thread and fill you in on exactly which tires they're buying. :smirk:

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