1975 TL250 engine

Hi ALL, I am new in here for posting, not for reading. I have been collecting and restoring old 70's dirt bikes for some time. I have a few tl250's here. One all nos. took years to find all the pieces as you all know.

I'm getting a bit older now and have bad ankles. so, i don't ride much anymore. I am sitting on a NOS 1975-100 serial number series TL250 engine. At the time I really did not need the engine, but who can see one for sale and not buy it.. I am rolling the idea around in my head to start selling some of my stock. The first thing I will let go is this engine. Anyone Have an idea of the value. Basically I am a buyer, always looking. Let me know what you guys think. thanks, Jeff

Oh well, I thought someone would have an idea. I will be putting it on ebay next wknd. I got some advice from a few collectors, a trials club, and a motorcycle museum in iowa. latr...

I didnt want to insult you with my opinion so I kept it to myself.

And usually these types of posts are just people fishing for a buyer.

Ebay is for sure your best bet.

I would say anywhere from 200-500 depending on how bad someone wants it. my 2c.

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I assume people are PMing you because they want the inside on your stuff. I would anyway.

I love the old Honda trials bikes, those that we got here in the States anyway.

I've got a 1987 TLR200 that I'm currently converting to strictly trials use.

I'd eventually like to own a TL125 and a TL250 but that's down the road. What's your username on eBay? I'll watch for your stuff.

hi, no insult taken. was really just looking for some input. one collector said 1000.00, the museum guys said the same. A club from the uk said 1000.00 euro. for a new motor. As there can not be many of these left. so, i will put it out there next wknd. see what happens, thanks, jeff

hi thunder chicken. i am guessing pm means private messages?? nope none of those. yes these old honda trials bikes are as bulletproof as my 4.0 straight 6 cylinder jeep. they just keep going. For now it will just be the motor on ebay for sale. maybe at the end of the summer i will sell more. i am echo1206 on ebay.. thanks and latr.. jeff

I would love to see it sell for 1000$...but I dont think it will happen.

A fully resto'd TL250 may fetch 1800-2000 maybe 2500 these days if your lucky.

LOTS of toys for sale these days to compete with.

I'd love to have it, but I knew right away from your 1st post it would be too much $$$ for me.

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I honestly did not know what i was going to ask. I paid 700 years ago. It should be interesting.. The trick is going to be the right guy seeing the ad. So i guess ebay will be the best bet. The bile in my profile i have more than 2 grand into. the frame is original paint, the rest is nos. Did the motor completely over, every piece is nos in there too. maybe 100 miles on it. Can i post some pics???

Here is a link to a friends bike. it sold at a vegas auction for 4800.00 2 yrs. ago. The economy was better at the time though. still not a bad day.. http://www.midamericaauctions.com/showauction.asp?Keywords=tl250&Search=Search&ID=110

That would be a collector piece for sure. The bike from the auction looked better than new. Prices were unbelievable a few years ago. Finding an NOS motor is rare for any bike but it would have to destined for a collection or it is cheaper to rebuild

Can i post some pics???

Please do! Your buddys bike looked awesome!! I think TL250's are one of the coolest looking old Honda's out there personally!:ride:

Post a link to your auction too if ya dont mind. Id like to watch!

i can't seem to post my pics. there just in ""my documents"". thumper is looking for a url or link. thats in the message area. is there another way??

yes, he did that bike really nice. the judges did not like the forks. basically he just polished them down to raw metal. they said, not original. i liked it. it does change the whole look. jeff

You need to upload your pictures to a website. I use photobucket.com.

You will need to setup an account (easy) and then upload. Once you got em up, you can copy/paste the "img" code next to the picture into your posts as you type them.

Mine is not as pretty, I almost went crazy on it. But I did not want to fear riding it!


ok, i will do that. sounds easy enough. i hope. bikes are crazy fun. i restored my original one. got it all painted and put together. guy from washington calls and says he has a tl250 rode maybe once or 2x. stored indoors. i took the wheels,frame, airbox,seat, and cable guides. built a show bike indoors. now some how i have 4 of em. plus 3 other 70's dirt bikes to do yet. out of control..

that pic. looks a lot like here in pa. lots of pine, rocks, and mountains. very cool place there your riding..

Sno, you make that bike look like an XR70!

I make any bike looks like an xr70! hahah

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