rear sag

how much sag is evervbody running (mm) and has anybody tried different settings and what were the rusults

I use the 100mm recomendation which is ...........I think 4"

I haven't really done any exp. but watching the LAS SC the other night they said that RC sets his at 120mm which must make that thing feel like a CHOPPER.

When my foot gets better I think I may exp. with 95-108mm and see what happns.

This is a great topic, because sag can really effect how the bike handles and feels. It really seems to be a matter of weight distribution.

I had raised the rear end when I upgraded springs. Set it to 95mm or so. My forks are raised up in the clamps as well (6 to 8mm) and the bike just kicked way too much.

So I dropped it down until things felt smooth and managable. Don't have a measurement yet, but I'll bet it's close to 110 to 115.

This also seems to give the bike a lower CG, and makes it's a little more friendly when you have to hold onto it. Like when stuck on a hill.


I’m like DaveJ, except my forks are flush, but last time I reset mine to 95 I didn’t like it, too busy out back in the rough stuff, or maybe I’d just gotten used to the extra amount, whatever, I stick with 105 now. Bike still turns, not that I’d notice since I don’t turn often or with any skill or prowess.

I think you should eliminate linkage binding from your measurement. Have your buddy push down, let up and measure (w/ you on the bike of course), then have him pull up, release and measure. Take an average of the two, there will be a 3 to 5 mm difference between them. Anyway, that is what I do to get my 105, probably more consistent that way.

I tried this up then down method on my buddy’s KTM and there was no discernible difference between the two. No linkage.

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