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Best camping gear to carry on a XR650L

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I was thinking about going camping when I go riding down south. I am also not looking to spend alot.

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a gaint loop bag, jet boil stove.

I have both those and agree. Problem is finding fuel for the stove, but the cannisters are light and small if you can fit them somewhere. Boils water super quick.

For a tent, you can use a Bivi (150-250CDN), or a small 1 or two person tent. I bought a MSR Skinny Two tent onsale for 180 USD + shipping. I'd be tempted to buy a bivi if i had the money simply for motorcycle trips though. Bought a tent because of camping around home with my dog. You can always use a tarp strapped to the bike for rain cover using a bivi. You should have a tarp in your kit anyways for repairs, cover, etc.

Thermorest sleeping pads are the cats ass. The sponge/air filled ones seem to get better reviews, but are larger. At least their cheaper. A good sleeping bag is always important. Remember even warm places get cold at night. My downfill is rated to 0, but I would consider 7C for reduced size.

I carried all this, plus a drybag holding tent and shoes. All motorcycle parts, extra oil, HD tubes, etc through 4000 km's of Baja in a Coyote bag. Worked flawless. Not the easiest to access stuff, but a small sacrifice for no-worry mounting and riding. Out of the 4 of us, nobody had a single issue with our GL bags and issues with them being strapped down.

Keep an eye out for camping gear used. That's a good way to save big bucks. Even high end stuff goes for sale cheap sometimes.

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forget the tent and just use a tarp!

I have the dirtBagz, I really like them after I mod'd the racks

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Small tarp and decent sleep bag are mandatory. Sucks not to eat burgers and steak, but if you want to travel lite, little stove with dehydraded meals is awesome. Water bottle and boy scout fork/knive/spoon kit and something to boil water in. (Larger, more expensive jet cup is preferable.) Also I have a mini tripod chair that straps to the back pack. With my pack all the weight rests where a passenger would be, so very do-able. You have to go a few times to get your kit right to your liking, I am sure.

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im going to alaska next month..

Giant Loop Coyote

Outdoor Research Bivy with bug net (net is a MUST)

Down 0deg bag

cheapo $20 tiny walmart tent (dont care if it breaks on the bike)

$5 tarp for the bike/tent

heavy duty inflatable mattress

Steverstove - AWESOME stove, uses cheap alcohol.. google search it or make yer own

steel pot with clasp lid

steel bowl


mountainhouse meals

cans of beans for heat at night

STERIPEN - A MUST for bike camping. UV pen that sterilizes water. i use it all the time

1 steel 1L water bottle

2 steel 1/2L bottles

steel bottles are best, you can boil water in them if needed

small collapsible hand saw for wood

tools for bike


fleece layer

wool pants

NON-cotton long johns

3pair gloves

lots of socks -NON cotton

underwear - NON cotton


dish soap



pocket - shower.. hangs from tree and rains on you... PRICELESS when you smell

deodorant... NO aluminum kinds (natural kind)

and most importantly - mosquito head net !

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Strap a tent to your bike and throw a back pack on with the things you need to camp and your good to go... If you have a fender rack you could strap a small cooler full of meat/drinks on that. No need to get all crazy and spend thousands on special gear just to go campin on your bike.

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The level of required gear really depends where you are going and what you like. I want a tent, but back east just a hammock could work. Food? Some only take snacks and get food when they get fuel.

For some small gear take a look at what Big Agnes sells. They have some good gear, but it is pricey.

I'm trying to figure out how to strap the tent, the bag, and some kind of air mattress to the bike. After I get that figured out the rest will be easy. I don't want to carry much so I can do some decently difficult trails.

For ideas read about ultralight backpacking.

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Steverstove - AWESOME stove, uses cheap alcohol.. google search it or make

These are awesome, aka "penny stove", plus you'll have alcohol onboard for what have you.

I carry one I made, and also an Esbit stove as a pot rack and backup.

Fun to build too, though you may have to drink a few beers to build a good one. :smirk:

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Times like this i wish I had a garage or work shop. I mainly just want to save money by not getting a hotel room when I ride the 2hrs to the trails.

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My experience has been that a small two person tent, (most only big enough for one person) is a luxury worth lugging around. A little bulkier than a Bivy maybe a few pounds heavier. But get in rain/sleet/bugs where you have to stay in the tent longer than you want, the extra space and being able to sit up or half stand to dress etc is well worth the slight increase in weight/volume.

It sucks trying to get dressed in a Bivy and near impossible to drag your gear inside so you can rummage through it at night.

I have one of these: http://www.rei.com/product/791634/marmot-limelight-2-tent

REI had them on sale late summer 2010. for $125.00. And on 05/28/11 I see REI has a deal to get $40.00 off the $199.00 reg price.

I'd hate to have to spend much time with two people in it for more than a night or two..but for just me it's pretty comfy. easy to set up etc. Out here very often you can get by with the ground cloth and a sleeping bag/pad.

Good luck with it,


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check eureka, ligit backpacking camping gear. light weight and compact and best pricing. they have wearhouse specials too! Why do people bring stoves?? a lighter and a little newspaper!! why camp if u cant have a campfire. I luv hobo cooking on an open fire! best deals around: http://www.eurekacampingctr.com/eureka/dept.asp?s_id=0&dept_id=3070

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